Of course, I am skeptical but Amazon itself reports 2 in stock. This is presumably a grey market unit, released by a company that overordered.

A grey market wouldn’t be surprising. Enormous demand led to a severe shortage earlier this year. Both giant and small companies ordered far more than needed.

They wanted protection against the shortage continuing past the time they needed capacity. This led to a vicious cycle, with the extra orders exacerbating the problem and inducing more panic.

It’s been obvious for a month or two that the shortage was ending. I believe overall AI costs are falling in half and will fall in half again next year.

The seller is listed as Omni Ecommerce of Salem, NH with fulfillment by Amazon. I haven’t found much information on the company.

Danger Will Robinson! I wouldn’t want to risk Nvidia’s disapproval. These are complicated systems that need support. Even if Omni can deliver, it doesn’t have support capability.

A few months ago, the shortage seemed bogus. The chip is made at TSMC, which had spare capacity when Apple cut orders. Cell phone sales are down worldwide. Huawei is pulling many sales away now that it is shipping with 5G.

Nvidia has massively boosted production. There are reports that limits on CoWoS packaging was a problem, but TSMC is adding CoWoS capacity.

Nvidia may be about to cut the price as AMD is shipping a competitor.